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Family Looking Up

May 8, 2018

Hey Mom squad!  This week is Mother’s Day.  YAY!!!! We wanted to celebrate YOU this week, so we brought on three very special guests.  This week we talk to Calee Reed, Hilary Weeks and Shawna Edwards. All three women are talented musicians.  And all three women have written beautiful songs about motherhood. This week we get to talk to these fun ladies about their families, their mom fails, their musical talent and the inspiration behind their beautiful songs. Get ready to learn, laugh, and cry.

Our first interview was with Calee Reed.  Calee is a mother of five kids. She is a Christian singer and songwriter.  She travels the country spreading her message of faith and hope through music. Here is what we talked with Calee about:

  1. Calee’s blended family.
  2. Advice Calee would give to new moms.
  3. The hardest part of being a mom.
  4. Lessons Calee has learned from her experience as a mother.
  5. Calee’s hilarious mom fail.
  6. Where Calee learned to sing and her family’s musical talent.
  7. Where Calee gets inspiration for her songs.
  8. When Calee first started writing songs.
  9. When Calee finds the time to write with her busy, young family.
  10. The inspiration behind  “She Put the Music in Me.”

Hilary Weeks is a mother of four daughters.  She is a Christian Billboard chart-topping singer and songwriter.  She is a frequent performer at Deseret Book’s “Time Out For Women.” In our fun conversation with Hilary we talked about the following:

  1. Hilary’s family.
  2. Lessons Hilary has learned from motherhood.
  3. Lessons Hilary learned from her mother.
  4. What did your mom do really well?
  5. Hilary’s funny mom fail.
  6. When Hilary first started writing songs.  
  7. The inspiration behind the song “Stand Still.”

Shawna Edwards is an accomplished pianist, and an award-winning writer and songwriter. Her most well-known songs, “Do You Have Room?” and “The Miracle” have been performed all over the world.  She is a mother of 5 and grandmother to ten grandkids.

  1. Shawna’s  family.
  2. The joys of being a grandmother.
  3. Shawna’s creative birthday gift to her grandkids.
  4. The hardest part of being a grandma for Shawna.
  5. Things Shawna learned from her mother.
  6. Shawna’s mom fails.
  7. What made Shawna start writing music just ten years ago.
  8. How has music impacted Shawna’s family
  9. The inspiration behind Shawna’s song “More than Enough”