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Family Looking Up

Jun 28, 2022

Happy summer Mom-Squad! We're dropping one of our fav re-releases from years past that is sure to make your week.  We hope summer is going well for you and hope that you enjoy this listen!

Jun 21, 2022

Jenny Layton (professional organizer) and (actual) mother, joined us long ago to tackle how to get organized for summer.  There is never a better time to take this one on than now!  Summer is upon us moms!  It's GO TIME!  We. Must. Get. Organized. Or. Die!!!!!

Jun 14, 2022

Recently, the three of us have been discussing how often we are surprised by kids manners (or lack thereof).  It occurred to us (in horror) that it was incredibly possible that other parents may be shocked by our kids manners.  We decided it was time to discuss the issue of manners and what happened to them in...

Jun 7, 2022

Dawn Madsen, also known as The Minimal Mom, blew us away with her ideas on why we should even WANT to minimize (I was sure I wouldn't agree.  Wrong again!) Second, how to even get started.  Lastly, she got specific about 3 ways to simplify/store toys.  Brilliant!  It changed some integral ways that I was viewing toys...