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Family Looking Up

Jul 17, 2018

Holly Thurgood is a stay at home mother of seven.  She is a trained Parenting With Love and Logic Facilitator.  Parenting with Love and Logic is a parenting philosophy founded by Jim Fay and Foster Cline.  Parents who use the Love and Logic approach can help their children to be accountable for their choices.  This philosophy encourages parents to disengage from confrontation and allow the kids to come up with solutions for their own problems.  It also gives parents strategies to get children to complete chores without nagging and fighting. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Holly’s fun personality and hilarious examples made this interview both fun and informative.   Here is what we talked about:

  1. Why Holly first sought out the Love and Logic parenting philosophy.
  2. What Love and Logic parenting is.
  3. Putting an end to arguing, backtalk and begging.
  4. Teaching responsibility without losing love.
  5. Setting limits without waging war.
  6. How to use strategic training sessions to eliminate specific bad behaviors.
  7. How to avoid power struggles.
  8. Guiding kids to own and solve their problems.
  9. How to get kids to complete chores without being asked or being paid.

Mom Squad Challenge: Instead of arguing with your kids or trying to solve their problems when they come to you,  just come up with a phrase you say that disengages you from the situation and lets them work on solving their own problems. For example, when they are upset about a situation at school, just listen and say, “That’s too bad.”  You don’t need to say anything else.

Holly’s favorite Parenting Books:

Smart Money Smart Kids

Parenting With Love and Logic

The Child Whisperer

Growing Up

Favorite Fiction Books:

Harry Potter

Pride And Prejudice


Wednesday Wars

Advice Holly wished she had had before she became a parent:  We are enough just the way we are, no matter how we are doing it.  Plan on a lot of mom fails and know that that is normal!