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Family Looking Up

May 7, 2019

This Mothers Day we want to celebrate moms as they really are!  We also want to LAUGH! Laughter is the greatest gift we could possibly give our Mom Squad on this special day.  As we have lived the mom life we have found that all moms have FAILS every day, but having FAILS does not equal FAILURE.  

In fact, any woman who is willing to live life and take on mothering (no matter how it comes to her) is a SUPERHERO!  

This job is not for the faint of heart.  It is for those who are willing to lay their hearts on the altar.  Those willing to try their patience WAY past breaking point (often several times a day).  Those willing to “herd cats” everywhere they go, to look like an idiot in public on a VERY regular basis, and to try to teach the most ferocious creature on earth (the toddler) how to go wee wee in the potty.  Those also willing to hug and kiss every owie, to listen, to love more than they thought humanly possible, to read, to sing, to encourage, to uplift, to cry when things go wrong, and to soar as they watch those little ones fly!

Here’s to MOTHERS with ALL gifts and ALL struggles.


We hope you enjoy this week’s episode where some of our Mom Squad called and emailed us to tell of their best and funniest Mom Fails!  THIS is real momming, not the glossy June Cleaver version. The down and dirty, trying our hardest, messy, “How is there only one shoe??” , “I’m losing my mind but still here and still making dinner” - version.  We hope it brings you laughter and perspective as you celebrate your best achievement: Being a mom.