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Family Looking Up

Sep 25, 2018

This week’s episode is SO MUCH FUN!  We talked with four normal (amazing) moms who shared some of their funniest and most outlandish mom fails with us.  This is an hour of stomach-clenching, tear-streaming, head-shaking laughter that you are sure to enjoy!


We love mom fails because ALL MOMS have them but our society is so aimed at perfection that no moms WANT to admit and share them. Instead, they are hushed. And shamed. Instead of moms having a cathartic laugh at all the imperfections, they  feel underqualified and overly flawed.

We believe in being the best moms that we can be, but we also believe that there is a HUGE difference between a mom who is trying and a mom who is perfect.  Perfection doesn’t actually exist (outside of social media)! Real life equals successes and failures with a goal to learn from the past and do better on the next go round...maybe….it might take a few go rounds.  So let’s enjoy life’s imperfections and let’s have a good laugh at those times when we mean to soar but instead we trip on our own feet, hit the wall, and fall down the stairs into a laundry basket full of dirty socks!  


In addition to the great mom fails in this episode, listen in to also hear:

  • Why no one wants Beth, Andrea and Camille to watch their kids anymore.
  • Why you can say whatever you want if you preface it with “Bless your heart…”
  • How Andrea got her boys to start BEGGING to mop the floor.  Whaaaat????



Natalie Haddock:  Natalie is pretty much the greatest and she hates writing bios.  Ok. Fine! I’m the mother of 4 boys. Miraculously they’ve only had 1 broken leg and 1 set of staples among them, so I guess that makes me a pretty good mom.  I’ve been trying to lose the last 10 pounds for the last 6 years and still haven’t figured that out.


Melissa Parr:  I’m currently a stay at home mom with two adorable and sassy little girls. I, quite recently won a year-long potty training battle and am teaching my baby to crawl (which is harder than it sounds because her head is twice the size of her body).  I love dancing, reading historical fiction, and eating chocolate chips dipped in peanut butter when there are no “official” snacks in the house...every single night.


Biz Hancuff:  I’m a wife and mother of three beautiful, smart, funny, amazing, sassy, smelly,  stressful monstrous children...who I adore. Like most of you, I’ve had many different jobs, none of which even came close to preparing me for the job of mothering.  It’s joyous and nightmarish in one breath. It’s beautiful and ugly simultaneously. And it is exhilarating and exhausting all at once. It’s an experience unlike anything I would not trade for the world!


Danna Parker:  I’m a mother of three smart and fun boys.  I love working out, especially zumba and power tone classes.  I love the great outdoors and enjoy spending time with my family on hikes, paddleboarding and boating.

Advice given:

  • Just be you.  Embrace who you are and just do mothering how you do it!  If you are doing mothering authentically to who you are, you’re doing it right.  - Biz
  • Stop yelling at your kids...just whisper.  It’s proven to be more effective at getting their attention.  - Danna