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Family Looking Up

Feb 13, 2018

Today we are talking to Angela Ferrari.  Angela grew up in the mountains of western Maine.  Living in a rural setting, she developed a talent for finding creative ways to play and captivate her imagination.  She is a talented writer, illustrator and produces the Story Spectacular Podcast.   Her Story Spectacular podcast is filled with stories, vivid characters, songs, jokes and fun facts for kids.  In this episode we talk about ways for parents to live a creative life and encourage creativity in their children.  

Topics Discussed:

  1. How Angela became a Children’s Story Podcaster
  2. What Story Spectacular is all about
  3. The benefit of story podcasts for kids
  4. How to find people to help you fulfill your dreams
  5. How we can support our kids in their creativity
  6. Why Angela chose to write children’s literature
  7. Ways for moms to awaken their creativity
  8. Maintaining the fun when following your passion
  9. How routines help accomplish your tasks
  10. How audiobooks benefit troubled readers
  11. How much to push your kids in their creative interests


Mom Squad Challenge: Start Something New! Carve out 40 minutes for yourself and give yourself permission to start something new.