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Family Looking Up

Aug 18, 2020

Mornings,  after school, and bedtime--- these are by far the hardest times for moms to navigate.   Help is here, Mom Squad! On today's show we bring you one of our favorite mom helpers out there: Whitney Archibald from “How She Moms” (  If you are not familiar with her website, then just know that your life just got better. Whitney's motto, on the website, is “Different moms solving the same problems.”  The premise is that all parents have the same problems we are trying to solve, so why not look at each other's ideas as potential solutions for our own? Whitney came on Family Looking Up to talk about her blog post “Routine Experimentation” which delved into different moms’ ideas on how to deal with morning, after school, and bedtime routines. One thing that I loved about this interview was that the ideas covered a wide spectrum of what works for different kinds of moms.  If you are a “by-the-book-no-frills” kind of mom, we've got you covered. If you're a “snuggly-huggy-lovey-dovey” kind of mom, we've got you covered. If you're somewhere in between bear-hugs and high-fives we’ve STILL got you covered!


Whitney described figuring out what kind of routine works for you as “mom detective work”.   Look at problematic areas in your day to day routines with your kids and start trying to solve those problems by implementing different routine ideas to see if they help.  So many of Whitney's ideas were pure genius! Our very favorite idea solves the never-ending mom problem of sorting socks and having socks that never have matches! She implemented a terrific “sock dispenser” that she keeps in each child's cubby in the mud room. Listen in to hear the full description of how she makes this brilliant little contraption work!   Here's a visual to give you PVC pipe envy:

Listen in for  so many more genius ideas!   In addition to all of that terrific material, listen to hear Beth, Andrea and Camille talk about skinny girl problems... it's actually more like Camille and Beth throwing Andrea under the bus because of our insane jealousy of her metabolism.  If you haven't figured it out by now, Andrea is a SAINT for what she lets Camille and Beth say! And most of all, you do not want to miss Whitney telling us about her brilliant Mom Fail, which she calls, “Street Pizza”!  It’s one of the best I've ever heard!