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Family Looking Up

Nov 20, 2018

Whenever I hear about families that are creating humanitarian kits for kids in South America, sewing quilts for people in Africa, or serving at the local soup kitchen,  I always say, “I want our family to be one of THOSE families.” But, when it really comes down to it, I feel overwhelmed and never really know where to begin. This week we bring back Merrilee Boyack!  Merrilee has a passion for serving. She and her family have made helping other a priority in her family. This culture of service has had a lasting impact on her children. Merrilee has noticed how giving can unify a family, build leadership skills and build self confidence in children.   Here is what we talked about in this incredible and inspiring interview:

  1. Where Merrilee learned to serve and why she implemented it in her own family.
  2. The effect service can have on our families
  3. How to START teaching our kids to serve
  4. Simple ways to teach little kids to serve
  5. How to help introverted kids to serve others. “The quiet servers”
  6. What to do when our kids don’t want to serve
  7. Leadership skills are built when our kids plan to serve
  8. How to plan service into family time
  9. Doing service with immediate recognitions versus silent service
  10. The importance of teaching kids WHY we serve
  11. Celebrating vs rewarding children for time spent serving
  12. Inviting extended family members to get involved
  13. Where can our listeners find out more about you and purchase your books?

Mom Squad Challenge:

  1. If you have young children: Have a family meeting and pick one service you can do within your family
  2. If you have children 8 and older: Have YOUR CHILDREN PICK one thing you can do in the community
  3. If you have adult children and extended family: Pick one thing your extended family can do to change the world


Merrilee's Book: 52 Weeks of Fun Family Service