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Family Looking Up

Jul 28, 2020

Nicholeen Peck is a mom of four and a well know speaker on the topic of teaching children self government.  In her words, self government consists of "being able to determine the cause and effect as it relates to your own actions and behaviors".  

In this episode she talks with us about steps we can implement to...

Jul 21, 2020

We've talked a lot about the perfectionistic world that we live in and parent in.  This is one of our favorite episodes on parenting and on not allowing the perfection perceived in society to dictate how we see our kids.  

We hope you enjoy this witty and fantastic interview with the spectacular Jill Savage!

Jul 14, 2020

Why is allowing emotion important?  Well, the answer lies in the idea that there is a difference between pain and suffering.  When we learn to allow emotion, rather than spiraling thoughts we are able to experience the pain of situations without the suffering aspects.

Join us this week as we talk with EmyLee McIntyre...

Jul 7, 2020

I don't know about you, but we need a vacation with a capital V!  As mom's of lots of kids, wives, and ultimately just girls, we talk about girl trips, couple trips, and family trips.  We share our favorite places, favorite memories, and do a little 'outside the box' thinking of how to make it special.  

If you're in...