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Family Looking Up

Oct 25, 2022

We're excited to bring you a fascinating episode from Jessica Downs, a clinician who specializes in EMDR Therapy.  In this episode she teaches about Polyvagal Theory and how it can help each of us understand the cues our body is giving us to find more peace and happiness in our day to day lives.  Enjoy!

Oct 18, 2022

Lisa Valentine Clark, host of The Lisa Show, actor and comedian joins us this week as we discuss how to prioritize kids when life throws you curve balls.  Lisa is the mother of five who's husband died in 2020 of ALS.  She gave some incredible advice on ways that each of us can be the mom we want to be even when...

Oct 11, 2022

Join us this week for a HUGE announcement and a hillarious conversation about halloween plans and our own mom fails of times we didn't mean to be a witch!  Enjoy!

Oct 4, 2022

Join us for a fun filled game of "Would You Rather"!