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Family Looking Up

Dec 25, 2018

It's Christmas today!!!!! Merry Christmas Mom Squad! What a year it has been. If your house is like mine, we've been up since the crack of dawn (insert yawn).  I look like a junkie with mascara caked under my eyes and my family room looks like a wrapping paper company exploded.

Christmas breakfast has already been made and cleaned up by yours truly (Am I a saint? Why, yes. Yes I am. Thanks for pointing that out). Currently there are kids playing with toys, teens reading new books, and a husband getting frustrated because the toys are not working correctly. All's right in the world! Now is the perfect time for mom to go listen to an episode of Family Looking Up! We decided to add some new content to episode #6 titled, "How to Have the MOST Stressful Christmas EVER!" We hope you will enjoy the episode. I have included the show notes from that episode below.