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Family Looking Up

Jan 8, 2019

When you read the words “grocery shopping” do you feel anxiety, boredom, the serious beginnings of a headache, frustration, excitement, desperation, or not really anything?  Women run the gamut of emotions when it comes to this particular duty.

One of the BIGGEST stresses about grocery shopping for me is the budget .  😰

The eternal struggle of how to feed my family something a step UP from dog food while not breaking the bank.  Oh, yeah.  Every. Single. Day.

How can we eat healthy food, instead of beige-yellow processed junk, so that we don’t all have to roll into WalMart (to buy bigger pants) without breaking the bank?

Is it really even possible for me to feed six kids and NOT BREAK THE BANK?  Answer: No. No it is not. The bank broke when my water broke.

C’est la vie.  Apparently it’s not all about me.  Whatever.



Apparently, smarter people than me (shocking) have figured out a way to solve all of these problems!  One of these brilliant people is Erin Chase, creator of $5   IMO, she should get the Nobel Peace Prize for what she’s done for families.  Erin has shared her brilliant ideas on The Today Show, Rachel Ray, The View, and many more.  Somehow we talked her into spending an hour with us to break down the science of affordable grocery shopping---yes, it’s a thing--- for our Mom Squad (insert applause).  👏👏👏


Years ago, Erin needed to save money for her family, and she decided the place where she could cut costs was groceries. Through strategic grocery shopping, meal planning & couponing methods she learned to cut her grocery bill in half.  She is now on a mission to help others do the same. Yay Erin!!


So let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how we actually cut the grocery costs without cutting the children out of the family.  We hope you enjoy!