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Family Looking Up

Nov 13, 2018

YAY!  We have so much to celebrate this week! We are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!  We started this crazy podcast one year ago. We have loved learning from our many experts, laughing at our many mistakes and challenging ourselves to do better.  We are so grateful for our amazing Mom Squad. You all continually inspire us. In this week’s episode, in addition to celebrating our podcast anniversary, we also talk about one of our favorite holidays...THANKSGIVING.  This episode is full of laughter and holiday hacks. Here is what we talked about:

  1. Our anniversary episode
  2. How to win our “I’d Marry That Basket” (see instructions below)
  3. The highs and lows of our first year of podcasting
  4. Sharing our episode on social media
  5. Thanksgiving is about being with friends and family
  6. Ideas to encourage gratitude in our families
  7. The great pie making event
  8. A typical Thanksgiving day for our families
  9. Our favorite Thanksgiving traditions
  10. Our Thanksgiving hacks
  11. Black Friday craziness

Mom Squad Challenge: Encourage your family to WRITE and MAIL a thank you note to a different person every day for a week.

How to win our “I’d Marry That Basket”

  1. Post your favorite episode of Family Looking Up on your Instagram or Facebook Feed.  Be sure and tag us and use the hashtag #FLUgiveaway
  2. Make an instagram story with your favorite mom fail or mom success.  Again, make sure to tag us and use the hashtag #FLUgiveway
  3. Every day we will reveal a new item in our “I’d Marry That Basket.”  Repost our post and tag us and use the hashtag #FLUgiveaway.

The winner will be announced November 19th.