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Family Looking Up

Jan 1, 2019


I love you.  I hate you.


I think that pretty much sums up my feelings on the subject.  


I absolutely LOVE the end result of pregnancy…

the baby, obvi.


My Disclaimer

If you are one of those unicorn moms who actually feels better during pregnancy, you have my serious respect, deep jealousy, and slight to moderate hostility.  You must understand that you are NOT NORMAL though.

You. Are. A. Unicorn.


For the non-unicorn moms

Growing a baby within me...not a problem.  Not a problem unless I don’t enjoy extreme nausea,  dry-heaving at the mere mention of any food, actual vomiting ALL DAY LONG, heartburn from water or lack of water, peeing a thimble amount of fluid if I laugh or sneeze or cough, feeling like I have no control over my emotions (Is it normal to cry at cartoons and commercials because their storylines have such DEPTH and character development?), and then turning moments later into a crazed psychopath because someone left their sock on the stairs or didn’t flush the toilet or they expect dinner...again), feeling like my brain is LITERALLY disintegrating since I can’t remember ANYTHING, including my other children’s names.  I actually don’t love these parts of pregnancy...too bad for me.  It would be a cake-walk if I did. And then there’s the pain.


How can a tiny being hurt me that much??

I have six kids.  I have spent 4.5 years of my life pregnant (more actually, when you include miscarriages).  I ALWAYS get Sciatica (pain that radiates down your hips and bum and feels like someone has stabbed you with a knife that is on fire) when I’m pregnant.  Sciatica and I are the closest of friends (we’ve named our kids after each other).  I spent the first three pregnancies hobbling and crying real tears. By the time I was pregnant with my fourth we lived next to my brother-in-law, who is a physical therapist.  This man will go straight to heaven when he dies because he SAVED me while I was pregnant. Therapy was my antidote to pregnancy pains. If I had not been related to a physical therapist I never would have known that gestating mommas need therapy and could be helped by it!  


Enter Brandie

In our episode this week we talk with Brandie Nemchenko, a pregnancy chiropractor with over fifteen years of experience in treating thousands of pregnant woman.  As someone who has experienced years of pregnancy pain, I LOVED so many of Brandie’s comments. My very favorite of which was “Severe pain in pregnancy is NOT NORMAL, it’s COMMON, but NOT NORMAL”.  How often do we, as pregnant women, think that all of our suffering is normal so we do nothing about it?!?

What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting

Brandie has just written a book called “What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting” that we discussed in our episode.  Brandie is incredibly down-to-earth and really understands what women deal with in pregnancy. She talked with us at length about:

  • The most common physical complaints for  pregnant women


  • Ways to prevent common physical complaints during pregnancy


  • The advantages to a “healthy” pregnant woman from visiting a chiropractor


  • The importance of recognizing and getting support from others while you are pregnant


  • Why connecting with other women, and helping each other is vital


This episode is insightful, full of hope, encouragement and laughter.  As Brandie said, “Pregnancy should be one of the most special times in your life and remembered for the joy not the pain.”  So, whether you are a unicorn mom, or part of the countless masses of pained momma’s that dream of unicorn status, we hope you will enjoy this episode!