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Family Looking Up

Jun 18, 2019

Tracey is the author of Be the Mom, in which she shares advice on how to avoid what she describes as the seven most common “mom traps.” 

Tracey identified the seven most common “mom traps” in an effort to help her daughter as she embarked on the journey of motherhood.  The book is written in an encouraging tone that makes you feel like there is a possibility of learning to avoid these “traps” as we learn to recognize them for what they are.  The problem isn’t us. It’s our attitude.

To say that Tracey is fun and easy to talk to is like saying that the Rockies are “biggish”.  I cannot begin to say how much we LOVED our conversation with her. Her laugh and wit are infectious (And if you listen closely, so is her accent.  Beth unknowingly switched into a Kentucky drawl halfway through the interview!)