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Family Looking Up

Oct 29, 2019

Ahhh the toddler years.  A time when mom’s are the reason for a tiny person's supreme happiness and, moments later, the epitome of evil who has ruined said toddlers life.  And all of that is within the first 30 minutes of any given day. As mom’s of MANY former and current toddlers we want to offer you some survival tips to help you NOT DIE as you navigate this ever-changing and incredibly treacherous path called the toddler years.

On this week's episode Beth, Andrea, and Camille talk about all things toddlers.  We laugh A LOT about the ups and downs of daily life with those adorable and angry little elves, we try to offer up some valuable advice for navigating these years, and we talk about the products that were game changers and worth every penny to purchase.  We hope you enjoy this funny and uplifting episode!