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Family Looking Up

Mar 27, 2018

Note: This is part one of this interactive episode.  Part two is episode 40.

Today we have Niki Olsen...AGAIN!  She is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.   She has spent over 16 years working with youth and families specializing in a modality called Mind Body Bridging which can help a variety of issues. She is married with two little girls in elementary school. She currently lives in Utah but is originally from Oregon. Niki loves to be with her family, and in her free time can be found exercising or sleeping.


We are focusing on using the technique known as “Mind Body Bridging” to help manage our stress.  Everyone experiences stress in their lives, but sometimes stress becomes so overwhelming that the stress then interferes with our ability to function.We will identify the cause that impairs our functioning and creates a dysfunctional Mind and Body state. We will also experience ways to help manage this dysfunctional Mind Body State.  


This is our first interactive episode!  Listen to this episode when you have time to participate in the activities with us as you will be pausing the episode to complete some writing activities.  You will need three pieces of paper and a pencil.


We will be focusing on:


  1. Becoming aware of the Identity System that creates the overwhelming stress.
  2. Mapping out our thoughts.
  3. Coming to our Senses to decrease body tension and mind clutter.
  4. Becoming aware of the Requirements in our lives that trigger the Identity System (dysfunctional mind and body state)
  5. Labeling these thoughts to free them from the Identity System

If you would like to learn more about Mind Body Bridging, please visit their website at  There you will find scientific studies, more in-depth information on the theory and ways to become trained if you desire. You may also contact Niki at for more ways to become trained or certified on the theory. If you would like to continue your personal Mind Body Bridging learning, there are also different workbooks to purchase.