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Family Looking Up

Jul 24, 2018

Recognizing Gifts in Yourself and Others/ Guest Eric Richards


Eric Richards teaches at Utah State and speaks all over the country and is known for his constant smile and his popular ‘brotherichards’ Instagram/Facebook accounts. His upbeat CDs at Deseret Book are best sellers.  Some random facts: He can clap with one hand. He’s part White, Black, Polynesian, and Native American. He’s left-handed. He eats chocolate every day. He grew up as an only child; his mom is an only child, and his grandma was an only child, so…his family reunions were pretty small.

On the podcast today we talked to Eric about recognizing what talents and abilities each of us have.  He argues that we all have at least one and we can use that to make the world better. Whether your gift is an incredible voice or the ability to recognize that someone is sad, those gifts were given to you and should be used.  We also discuss finding gifts and abilities in all of our family members.

Mom Squad Challenge:
Write a list of 10 gifts that each of your children have.   

Eric’s Favorite Parenting Books:
The 7 habits of highly Effective Families- Stephen R. Covey
Raising up a Family to the Lord- Gene R. Cook

Favorite Fiction Book:
You Are Special- Max Lucado

Eric’s Parenting Advice:
“Mucho Take it Easy”
-Nacho Libre