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Family Looking Up

Jun 19, 2018


Father’s Day was this week.  Did you make the dads in your life feel special?  We wanted to celebrate all the fathers out there. We brought Kirby Heyborne on the podcast to lighten things up.  Kirby is a husband, father, comedian, actor, and audio narrator. With Kirby’s hilarious sense of humor we talk about lessons he has learned as a husband and father and discuss parenting tips that have worked for him. Stick around after the interview because we decided to put our own husbands on the hot seat and talk about dad struggles and get a perspective on parenting from the viewpoint of fathers.  Here is what we talk about during this fun interview:

  1. Kirby’s family and career
  2. How husbands and wives can connect during their busy lives.
  3. How to keep a positive attitude during the rough times of fatherhood.
  4. Kirby’s wife’s three finger approach to keeping Kirby in line.
  5. Kirby’s dad fail.
  6. Lessons Kirby has learned from acting that he has applied to his parenting.
  7. How to keep focus on your family during the busy career life.
  8. Living a life with high morals when you are working in the movie industry that does not value high morals.
  9. The importance of finding ways for a father to connect with their family.

Things we discussed with our husbands:

  1. The biggest challenges in fatherhood
  2. Things our husbands do to survive the rough times of fatherhood
  3. Dad fails

Mom Squad Challenge: Laugh with your husband.  Make him feel like he is the funniest man alive.