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Family Looking Up

Feb 6, 2018

Family life can get very busy.  Sometimes it feels like we are playing tag team with our spouse instead of being a married couple.  Today we talk to Melissa Hunt from the very popular website The Dating Divas.  She give us great creative advice about getting over the excuses we have for not dating our spouse.  If you are looking for ways to keep the marriage fun and excitement alive, you are going to want to listen to this.

What we cover in this episode:

  1. How the Dating Divas got started
  2. The Mission of the Dating Divas
  3. Why it is important to work on the relationship with your spouse
  4. The challenges that prevent us from dating our spouse
  5. Finding time to date
  6. Dating when money is tight
  7. The importance of a formal invitation for a date
  8. The importance of being intentional in your marriage
  9. Tips for planning your dates
  10. How to date when you have kids
  11. How to take the first step to start dating again, if you are struggling in your marriage
  12. The problem with bringing expectations to the date
  13. Ways to make your spouse feel special everyday
  14. Developing a habit to date
  15. Ways to make Valentine’s Day special, fun and take off the pressure

Mom Squad Challenge: Put three date nights on your calendar!

If you would like to find out more about The Dating Divas, visit their website at  or email Melissa Hunt at: