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Family Looking Up

Jun 5, 2018

Summer is here! Does this create excitement or fear?  I always have a mix of emotions. I’m excited to have a more relaxed schedule, and do some of the things that we don’t have time for during the school year. But, anxiety creeps up in me as I think about how to keep my kids busy ALL DAY.  This week we talk to Jenny Layton, a professional organizer, mother and speaker. She is going to put all your fears to rest. In this conversation all about summer with kids, Jenny gives us great advice about setting expectations for the summer and being purposeful in our summer activities. Listen to this episode to create your best summer yet. Here is what we discussed:

  1. How to organize our summer so we embrace the summer season.
  2. Recognizing those family seasons (summer and holidays) and personally productive seasons (fall and spring)
  3. Designing experiences that are of interest to your kids.
  4. How to organize your bucket list and summer activities.
  5. Helping kids find balance and mindfulness in their own lives.
  6. Teaching your kids valuable life skills during the summer.
  7. Being purposeful in your parenting during the summer.
  8. Scheduling your fun and educational activities.
  9. Setting summer expectations.
  10. How to manage screen time.
  11. Suggestions for when your kids say they are BORED.
  12. Strategies for keeping your house clean with everyone home for the summer.
  13. Finding time for ourselves during the summer months.
  14. Creating a Power Hour.

Mom Squad Challenge:  Choose something from the areas we discussed and implement it in your life. Take some time to think about what we talked about. The thing that seems to be nagging at you..start there.


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