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Family Looking Up

Aug 13, 2019

Jenny met with us again for this episode, as we start this next season of productivity.  She talked with us about how to switch gears and change habits to truly be productive. There are some major pitfalls that women, in particular, fall into.  Taking on WAY too much and getting discouraged is one of those pitfalls. She shared a bank account metaphor: We only have so much time and so much energy in our account.  If we overspend we are in the red and that doesn’t help us or our family. We need to be aware of our bank account balances.  

Jenny broke down the different kinds of tasks that we all have bearing down on us:  fires, regular tasks, projects and priorities. 

One of the things that Jenny teaches in the episode is how to set up a routine for the tasks that are regularly there.  Setting up routines for these saves time and energy in our bank account so that we can give more to the things that matter most to us.  To find out more about Jenny visit her website at: