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Family Looking Up

Feb 12, 2019

Happy Valentines to all of you who have perfect relationships!

Newlyweds don’t count.  They don’t even live on this planet...temporarily.

Those of us with normal relationships know that life is filled with relationship highs and lows.  The hope is that we create more highs than lows over time.  The imperative word being create.

So, you may wonder, exactly HOW do we create those bonding moments and how do we safeguard our relationships before they are in trouble?

Georgia Anderson, from Know How Mom, is a Gottman trained specialist in strengthening marriage.  She joined us to talk about the 7 Principles for making marriage work.

Not only did Georgia share these 7 Principles, she also shared:

What the three most important things are that we can do to manage conflict!

She also shared several free resources that married couples can use to strengthen their marriage!

We hope you’ll listen in and find resources that will help you to better understand, better love, and be better loved by your spouse this week and forever more!