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Family Looking Up

Jul 10, 2018

Sam Passey is a stay at home mother of six children. She has developed a weekly cleaning routine that  allows her to deep clean her entire house every week in less than an hour a day. In this interview we talk about her cleaning system and how you can implement it in your own home. So if you are a slob, like us, there is hope for you if you follow her plan.  Here is what we talked about:

  1. The importance of  making cleaning a priority in our home.
  2. Sam’s cleaning routine.
  3. How to schedule a weekly cleaning routine.
  4. How much time it takes to deep clean an entire house.
  5. Cleaning with little kids around.
  6. How to teach your kids to clean.
  7. Simplifying your cleaning routine so it is manageable in the beginning.
  8. How to make cleaning more enjoyable.
  9. Suggested cleaning supplies. (links below)
  10. How to stay motivated and encouraged with tasks that never get done (laundry, dishes, etc.)
  11. Rewarding yourself for getting your cleaning done.

Mom Squad Challenge: Write down a cleaning schedule that you would like to achieve. Include what you want to clean and when you are going to clean it.