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Family Looking Up

Mar 19, 2019

How does that Frank Sinatra song go?  

“Regrets, I've had a few,  but then again, too few to mention”

Dr. David Schramm is a researcher and an assistant professor of Family and Life at Utah State University. As he was in the middle of raising his children, he conducted what he called a “selfish study”.  As he was pondering dilemas like the one I illustrated above, he decided that the best experts on the subject of raising kids would be empty nesters who had raised their kids (and survived)! Dr. Schramm wanted to be the best dad he could possibly be, so he interviewed nearly 400 empty nesters from across the United States and asked them questions pertaining to what they felt they succeeded at and what they regretted as they looked back at their parenting.  The results were fascinating.  Listen in to hear all the insightful details!