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Family Looking Up

Oct 8, 2018

I honestly believe there were lines that we could get in before we were born.  One of those lines was for potential parents and it was labeled "Those Who Want To Spend Your Life Running Around Like a Chicken With Its Head Cut Off Line Up Here."  The other was probably something like "Living With Purpose and Having Your Junk Together, Line Up Here."  I don't know if I was attracted to the chicken theme, the headless theme, simply illiterate, or just plain dumb, but I CLEARLY joined the wrong line!

Laura Hintze, our guest today, on the other hand, was far better at either choosing correctly or line jumping before it was too late.  She's here to help all of us who feel like human pin balls, running from one fire to the next, only to feel at the end of the day like nothing that you wanted to accomplish had happened to find some order and peace in our lives.

Living each day with purpose and with a plan allows for:

  1. You get done the things that you wanted.
  2. You make sure the important parts of your day actually happen.
  3. Scheduling allows for free and family time to take place instead of getting shoved aside ... again.  This eliminates so much of the dreaded mom guilt that we all deal with!