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Family Looking Up

Jul 23, 2019

Getting children to sleep is one of the hardest parts of parenthood.  Dr. Melisa Moore is a clinical psychologist in the sleep center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and is board certified in behavioral sleep medicine.  She sees patients, teaches, and conducts research in pediatric sleep, and is also a sleep expert on the Pediatric Sleep Council’s website which is 

Here's What You'll Learn

During the interview we covered a vast array of topics including:

  • Normal sleeping behaviors for various ages  
  • Establishing a healthy bedtime routine
  • Ways to avoid children becoming too dependent on their routine
  • Age to start a bedtime routine
  • Advantages of sound machines, alternatives for them, and cautions when using them.
  • Babies using pacifiers
  • Tips for getting kids to fall asleep on their own
  • Sleep training by having your child “cry it out”
  • An appropriate age to let your kids cry through the night
  • The family bed
  • Teaching your child to fall asleep independently
  • The Problems with screen time before bedtime
  • Use of Melatonin in children to help them fall asleep
  • Making the transition from the crib to the bed
  • Disciplining at bedtime (Use of bedtime passes)
  • Transitioning kids out of the family bed
  • Dealing with kids waking up during the night
  • How to handle night terrors
  • Correlation between adolescent sleep and physical functioning
  • Suggestions for getting your teens to go to sleep
  • Napping and teenagers