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Family Looking Up

May 15, 2018

Every Tuesday morning we wake up to a new episode of Family Looking Up with an amazing guest on the podcast.  They share their knowledge and experiences with all of us and hopefully give us some ideas of how to make our families a little better.  At the end of each episode we ask them for a “Mom Squad Challenge.” These challenges are meant to give us something plausible we can think about, work on, and apply to our lives each week.  This is one of my favorite parts of the episode. Instead of just hearing information and then moving on, we have the chance to make small changes for the better.

In this episode Andrea, Beth, and Camille talk about some of our favorite “Mom squad Challenges” from past episodes and what we have done to apply them to our own lives.  We share the challenges that have made positive impacts in our lives and the ones that we completely failed at.