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Family Looking Up

Jan 23, 2018

For years as a business consultant, Chris was putting the signature, “Do Good. Be Great.” on his email signature.  One day, he received the dreaded call from his son’s school saying his son had been bullied.  As he thought about the struggles in our world and specifically the struggles in his son’s life, he thought, “We have enough people striving to be great.  What if we simply strive to be kind?”  He changed his email signature to Do Good. Be Kind. and from there his powerful message was born.  He now travels to schools and businesses talking about this important message.  In this episode we have a conversation with Chris about his message, the importance of kindness, and how we can pass that on to our children.

Things talked about in this episode:

  1. What is Do Good. Be Kind.?
  2. Everyone has their own definition of what it means to Do Good. Be Kind.
  3. The three pillars of kindness: Kind to yourself, Kind to others, Kind to the world
  4. This is not an anti-bullying movement.  Do Good. Be Kind. is about  being proactive about being kind.
  5. When you are kind to yourself, it flows into being kind to others.
  6. Little daily reminders can make a big difference in how we treat people
  7. Do Good. Be Kind. is not about being perfect.  It’s about striving.
  8. Simple ways to make a big change in the community around us
  9. Strategies for ways to be kind to ourselves and how to teach it to our kids.
  10. How patterns of habit influence how we feel about ourselves.
  11. How to teach our kids to proactively look for ways to be kind to others
  12. Find your values.  Recognize the things you say versus the things you do.
  13. Teaching our kids to recognize there is a backstory to everyone’s life.
  14. How to teach our kids to be kind to the world around us without making it a political statement

Mom squad challenge: Dedicate 5 minutes of your day for positive affirmations.  Give yourself credit for the things you do.

To  find out more about Do Good. Be Kind. visit  #dogoodbekind or email Chris at: