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Family Looking Up

Apr 23, 2019

Dana Suchow is an eating disorder survivor who resides in New York City.  “Since overcoming Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder and exercise compulsion that resulted in permanent injuries, Dana Suchow has become an expert in the field of body image and eating disorder prevention. Offering a nonclinical and holistic approach, Dana works to teach parents how to put their child on a path towards body love, empowerment and self acceptance!”  Dana essentially decided that she wanted to protect children from the pain that she experienced, and decided that educating adults about how to help children love their bodies was the best way to achieve her goal.


She shared many tools with us that will help to create body confident kids.  To hear a full explanation of each of these and more listen in to the episode.  Here is a brief taste of what we discussed:

  • How to compliment your child in a way that doesn’t emphasize appearance
  • We must get rid of the idea that thinness = health
  • How to diversify media that your kids see.  What is presented to them powerfully affects their perceptions of worth.
  • Why it is so crucial for parents to heal their relationship with their own bodies, and how they can begin that process.
  • How a parent can diet without hurting their kids.
  • The effect of shaming YOUR body, on your kids.
  • What to do if you recognize body shaming warning signs in your kids or in yourself.