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Family Looking Up

May 28, 2019

Cindy Kaplan is a certified Parenting Coach and talked with us, in this episode, about the battles that we may not need to be fighting.  This interview was an eye opener in many ways for me.  She talked about the idea of gaining clarity in our parenting to be able to decipher what things we needed to be solid on and what things were truly not worth the battle.  According to Cindy, we become clear by deconstructing all of the societal and family beliefs and standards that we have simply drunk in without knowing what we have absorbed.  Then, and only then, we are able to really tune into ourselves and be clear on what really matters to us most as well as really see what and who makes up our family.   Rather than thinking “Who are the children we want to have?” we can ask “Who are the children we actually have, and what are their actual needs?”


Cindy does an amazing job outlining how we can gain that clarity and WHY it’s so important to do so.  She also talked about these points:

  • Why looking at our “triggers” in parenting is crucial
  • The possible causes of children not meeting our expectations
  • What the key is to stopping a power struggle with your child
  • The difference between boundaries and rules and why it’s important