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Family Looking Up

Feb 19, 2019

Brenda Garrison, author of the book “Love No Matter What: When Your Kids Make Decisions You Don’t Agree With”, joined us this week to discuss what to do when our kids are old enough to  start making BIG decisions that you don’t agree with;  such as choosing the “bad boy” to be their boyfriend, using drugs, being sexually active, dropping out of school, or making poor money decisions?  Things get real serious real fast when our kids are old enough to make decisions that will forever impact their lives and ours.  What is the right decision in those situations? How are we really supposed to love them then, no matter what?!?

Brenda discussed the 2 big mistakes parents make in this situation and 12 ideas parents can use to restore their relationship with their child.  

This is an episode full of hope and ideas for moving forward in your relationships with your kids.  Listen in!